Bohol is widelyn known for World famous Chocolate hills and a province filled of different natural attractions. Bohol is the main island of Bohol Province which has 75 minor surrounding islands. The island lies southeast from Cebu island and southwest of Leyte Island in the Central Visyas region. This oval shaped island is the tenth larget island of the Philippine archipelago.

If your planning to visit the island, here is my Top 5 Famous Attractions you must see:

1. Chocolate Hills

A trip to Bohol is incomplete without stopping by to see the Chocolate Hills. The hills are covered in green grass in the wet season and turns brown during dry season, thus the name Chocolate Hills. You have to climb up 214 steps to get the top of the viewing deck before you can enjoy the spectacular view. The entrance fee starts at (Php 50.00) and the things you can do took an instagrammable photo with the hills. I enjoy my visit here in Chocolate hills and took a lot of photos with my partner, the 214 steps are worth it.

2. Dumaluan Beach

In Bohol the famous beach is Alona Beach, but if you are the person would like a relax place, peace and don't want crowded maybe this beach is for you. Dumaluan beach is way better since it is not crowded, long wide white sands and clean. Also no boat are parked in the front beach, Unlike Alona if you are a party person maybe you will enjoy Alona lot of tourists and bar, also the boat are parked in front of the beach and tourist lay down everywhere. But both beach are beautiful and white sands that I can compare in "Boracay". You may enjoy island hopping, kayak, swim,snorkeling and dive. Foods are bit expensive since this is one of the most tourist spot but definitely its delicious and fresh.

3.Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary


The Philippine tarsier (Carlito syrichta), known locally as mawumag in Cebuano and other Visayan languages, magĂ´ in Waray and mamag in Tagalog, is a species of tarsier endemic to the Philippines. It is found in the southeastern part of the archipelago, particularly on the islands of BoholSamarLeyte and Mindanao. 

The Bohol trip will not complete without seeing and taking pictures the smallest primates in the world " Tarsier". This is an endangered species, and when you visit in the Sanctuary you must be quite since they are sleeping/resting they are also nocturnal means they are awake at night to eat and to play.The entrance fee starts (Php 50.00) and they will give you a guidelines and you will see inside the mini forest where you can spot and take photos of tarsier.

4. Hinagdanan Cave

Hinagdanan Cave is a cave in the municipality of Dauis on Panglao Island, in Bohol Province, in the Philippines. It is a naturally lighted cavern with a deep lagoon and many large stalactites and stalagmites. I'm a huge fan of cave because for me it is thrill adventure like seeing natural lagoon inside with crystal clear water. It also excite me to know the history of each cave.

To reach the cave you need to go through some steeps and sometimes it is slippery but don't worry because there's a railing that you can hold. Inside the cave there is a underground lake, the water is clear and cold. When we went there the entrance fee around Php100.00 - Php 125.00, we availed the Php 125.00 where you can swim at the lake also there is a life vest and lifeguard.

How to get there:
The cave is located in Barangay Bingag, Dauis, Panglao Island. If you stay at the front beach like Dumaluan Beach or Alona Beach you can rent a tricycle to reach the cave in 10-15 minutes. And when you are staying in Tagbilaran you can reach the cave estimated 5-10 minutes. 

5. Bohol Bee Farm

Bohol bee farm located at Dauis Panglao Island of Bohol, the farm is a resort dedicated to organic farming it also have restaurant, souvenir shop, ice cream shop, spa etc. This is one place you need to put on your list when visiting the Island of Bohol.

One of my favorite here is the malunggay ice cream that everyone try it. They come also a durian ice cream, ube ice cream and many more. You can bought here a pasalubong like honey bee, jam there famous peanut kisses and expect it with higher price . For your information no entrance fee here.

Staying in the Island of Bohol is such a wonderful experience that I want to be back here again to explore and enjoy the beauty of the Philippines.